Thursday, July 5, 2007

iHype and the Art of Connection

Never has technology received so much media coverage since the current launch of the iPhone, and yes, I'm going to go ahead and add to it. You might have thought curing world hunger was one of its features with all the publicity. Sure the iPhone can stream videos and has Wi-Fi capabilities, but does it live up to all the hype? Here are some of the pro’s and con’s of the iPhone to help you make an educated opinion.


  • Trees everywhere can rejoice because the iPhone can hold addresses, maps, notes, calendars, events, and readily assess email, which means Post Its are a thing of the past.
  • You are always connected. The Wi-Fi capabilities and Bluetooth help you keep a constant watch on your Facebook profile. Not to mention you can watch Youtube videos.
  • It can multitask. You might want to download a song while you write an email and with the iPhone that is possible.
  • Its sexy…come on admit it. Sleek, sophisticated, lean lines - it's enough to cause tingles. It’s like the Bentley of the mobile industry. The screen also adapts to how you hold it, which makes it very functionable.


  • You have to really like AT&T because that is the network provider, and it does not come cheap. Unlike the iPod, once you buy the iPhone there are still more bills to pay.
  • Without WiFi service, the internet connection is rather slow.
  • The virtual keypad can be a bit daunting...move your finger incorrectly and you are dialing your Grandmother instead of your friend.
  • It’s the 1st gen version. Sure it is really amazing, but it still is the first generation iPhone, which means shortly hereafter a newer, better, more reliable version will be out….which brings me to the price.
  • You have to remember when it all comes down to it you are paying $600 for a phone... a ridiculously nice phone….but still, you could get a cheap trip to Vegas or pay a month's rent with that money.

My real question is what is next after the iPhone? For that I have a wonderful suggestion:

The iSee: Reality is so 2050, with the iSee you can party in Second Life and balance your bills online through the comfort of your contact lens. Who needs the real world anyway?

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