Monday, July 28, 2008


Continuing our “shoe” theme on the Street Attack blog, we've added the new Puma spot. They have managed to include music collaboration, trendy dance art, and a call to web all in one 30 sec commercial!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rebranding a Brand

Converse is finally piggy backing on their long time loyal consumers in the music and fashion industry. The new brand launch includes a song/video collaboration between three respected artists Julian Casablancas, Santgold and Pharell Williams.

This black-and-white paper doll themed video can double as a full length music video or be cut into commercial spots. For those special touches, 3 HD cameras were brought in and it was all topped off with CGI animation. Sorry no video girls or $100,000 cars. Just some chuck’s and 10,000 paper cut-outs of the artists!

Check out the unique video/commercial hybrid below:

Monday, July 21, 2008

The New Facebook

Much like the 1960’s race to the moon, there has been an online race to be the first social networking site to take over the web. This day marks a fundamental advancement towards a more universal social web platform. Facebook has unveiled a new look, a sleeker design that brings media sharing front and center. The big question now is how will the masses take to the new experience?

Our initial reaction was why? There didn’t seem to be any truly noteworthy change, other than the basic functionality. However, upon further glance, what’s really important is not the aesthetics of the new Facebook, but what this change in format signifies for the future of the web. The details show a movement towards a social community that has a bigger picture in mind for connecting people in the larger context of the internet.


  • Tabs keep your information separate and compact and also make your Wall the main focus of your profile.
  • The Wall also has morphed into a combination of the previous version of its self and the mini feed.
  • A new addition, the Publish Box, let’s you add photos, notes, videos, etc. all with one click, highlighting Facebook’s new emphasis on media sharing.
  • Applications can be test run and used without the need to add it to a profile.

With its focus on media sharing and user interactions, Facebook is trying to transform into a one-stop-shop, replacing the need for other social networks and pushing along in the race for Web 3.0.

Dipping Into New Creative

Check out this new elevator complete with automatic dipping Oreo. With their new slogan “Milk’s Favorite Cookie,” this was a creative way to solidify the brand extension and keep everyone’s minds on Oreo’s.

Find a Penny, Pick It Up...

Chevy took a daring approach with its latest ad for the Aveo in London, actually paying people to pay attention. Chevy's 20-foot billboard was made entirely out of one-pence coins to market the car's 769,500 pence price, and created such strong buzz that all the pennies were stripped clean in less than 30 minutes!

Found on Neatorama, photo from autobloggreen

FYI Designers

Calling all designers: Uniqlo, Japan’s answer to the GAP, is accepting entries to their annual T-shirt contest. Why not design a T-shirt, have it displayed and sold all over the world, and win some money on top of that?

Check out details at:

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Yurie Okada Lorange

Friday, July 18, 2008

Way to Bag Press

This extremely clever art installation by Joshua Allen Harris was already covered on NY Mag and Urban Prankster, but for those of you that get all your news about reusing trash for art on TreeHugger, this creative display made quite a splash just recently.

If you haven’t seen it yet, definitely check out these YouTube videos. And we thought we were clever for re-using bags to stuff some pillows that were part of the Birdhead booth at Renegade craft fair...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008 – Stuck in the Wrong Job

We’ve all seen those generic “stuck in the wrong job” advertisements on trains. Teach Abroad companies have even used them for their marketing campaigns. We can safely put that in the “not so original bin.”

Finally we’re proud to boast about a campaign that has stepped outside the box and generated a “stuck in the wrong job” campaign worth noting.

All Pictures were found on

Monday, July 14, 2008

It's Called epMotion

Hats off to Eppendorf for breaking the mold with its creative ad for the epMotion machine. We're glad someone in the medical community is taking advantage of the power of viral marketing.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Paltalk Gets Political, Supports Third Party Candidate

If any hot topic is pulling in attention these days, 9 times out of 10 politics are involved. Now, many companies have acknowledge this and have used the 2008 election as a leveraging point for pushing their own agenda...I mean brand, which is essentially what American politics are about anyway.

In this tradition, Paltalk has just launched a politically charged video campaign to draw in some new traffic and viral buzz. You are probably thinking, "and that's special how?"! Well, Paltalk has incorporated its target demo's ego into the mix by making them the center of the political world. Not many people can say they are the long shot political candidate giving Obama a run for his money…..well until now.

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Check out site here: News3Online

Links via John Manthos

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Brushing up on Mobile Marketing

Experiential mobile marketing has grown into a popular medium for companies to advertise their brands. Aquafresh is capitalizing on the trend with a sweet interactive ride that creates buzz and kills plaque all in one.Their converted trailer is complete with 6 brushing stations, sinks, paper towels, and timed water dispensers.

Craftsmen Industries was responsible for this beauty of a vehicle. Check out their description of the trailer below and kudos on the build out:

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“The rear of the trailer, referred to as the "Gesturetek area," included an interactive 50-inch wall mounted plasma screen. This area was designed for tour visitors to approach the plasma screen with an Aquafresh-branded two-foot toothbrush and brush directly onto the teeth that were projected on the plasma. The brushing motion of the oversize toothbrush was detected by a camera above the plasma and bubbles appear when the toothbrush is pressed against the screen. The faster you brush, more bubbles appeared on the screen. “


Ikea likes to Drawer Attention

Ikea is known for creating captivating outdoor advertising that breaks away from the formulaic billboard approach. Check out this sweet new execution for their “Storage Solution” campiagn. Nicely executed, and a great use of balcony space!

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