Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Brushing up on Mobile Marketing

Experiential mobile marketing has grown into a popular medium for companies to advertise their brands. Aquafresh is capitalizing on the trend with a sweet interactive ride that creates buzz and kills plaque all in one.Their converted trailer is complete with 6 brushing stations, sinks, paper towels, and timed water dispensers.

Craftsmen Industries was responsible for this beauty of a vehicle. Check out their description of the trailer below and kudos on the build out:

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“The rear of the trailer, referred to as the "Gesturetek area," included an interactive 50-inch wall mounted plasma screen. This area was designed for tour visitors to approach the plasma screen with an Aquafresh-branded two-foot toothbrush and brush directly onto the teeth that were projected on the plasma. The brushing motion of the oversize toothbrush was detected by a camera above the plasma and bubbles appear when the toothbrush is pressed against the screen. The faster you brush, more bubbles appeared on the screen. “


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James said...

I work for www.ShowMeCables.com, we supply some items for Craftsmen Industries, the maker of this vehicle. They do some AMAZING work, and you can see some pictures on this link to their website: Craftsmen Industries Unique Vehicles

You'd be amazed how much technology goes in to some of their vehicles.