Monday, July 21, 2008

The New Facebook

Much like the 1960’s race to the moon, there has been an online race to be the first social networking site to take over the web. This day marks a fundamental advancement towards a more universal social web platform. Facebook has unveiled a new look, a sleeker design that brings media sharing front and center. The big question now is how will the masses take to the new experience?

Our initial reaction was why? There didn’t seem to be any truly noteworthy change, other than the basic functionality. However, upon further glance, what’s really important is not the aesthetics of the new Facebook, but what this change in format signifies for the future of the web. The details show a movement towards a social community that has a bigger picture in mind for connecting people in the larger context of the internet.


  • Tabs keep your information separate and compact and also make your Wall the main focus of your profile.
  • The Wall also has morphed into a combination of the previous version of its self and the mini feed.
  • A new addition, the Publish Box, let’s you add photos, notes, videos, etc. all with one click, highlighting Facebook’s new emphasis on media sharing.
  • Applications can be test run and used without the need to add it to a profile.

With its focus on media sharing and user interactions, Facebook is trying to transform into a one-stop-shop, replacing the need for other social networks and pushing along in the race for Web 3.0.

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