Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Livin' the High Life

I met Wendell (the featured comedian in Miller High Life’s 2007 commercial series) at the Miller distributor conference in Vegas this year. He was as brilliant in person as he is on TV. Wendell is what I like to call the perfect ambassador – always staying in character, always livin’ the High Life.

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If you haven’t seen the commercial series yet, (a) you’ve probably been living in a box, and (b) you should immediately go check them out.

As an advocate of non-traditional media, it’s hard for me to admit that these commercials are some of the best marketing efforts a beer company has put forth recently. But, it appears as though sales figures for this classic American brand are climbing, and I truly believe that MBCO has hit their market on the head with these commercials.

But, also, as an advocate of non-traditional media, I’m itching to see how Miller takes these ads into the experiential and online viral space. Only two of the ads are on Youtube. And what about experiential activation? I want to see Wendell’s army in honest bars all over this country – making sure everyone is livin’ the High Life.

So, c’mon Miller. Let’s see you flex your non-traditional muscle. Let’s get Wendell’s message out there, and bring this great brand back to the front!

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