Monday, October 1, 2007

Dove and the Rise of the Anti-Ad

When I was nine it was cool to play with Barbie, but it was also cool to wear huge t-shirts and spandex (ah yes, my glory days). Now I see ten-year-olds with blond extensions and booty shorts. Today there is a constant pressure to be hotter, sexier, thinner and for some reason, always ingesting food on a long stick.
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Enter anti-advertising, the reaction to this push for unobtainable goals. On the forefront of this movement is Dove, whose newest campaign advocates the importance of realistic beauty and healthy self-esteem. Click on the picture below to check out their latest video:

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Julia Roy said...

I loved the first Dove online campaign with the billboard. This second one blew me away. I am really impressed.

faithful said...

-Dove is owned by Unilever.
-Unilever also owns and produces Axe Body Spray.
-Axe Body Spray commercials are a perfect example of how advertisements can reduce women to sex objects.
-Dove's advertising campaign is just a clever way of getting you to support their product, but if you look into the Unilever connection you'll see its pure hypocracy.