Monday, June 25, 2007


If you’re reading this right now, then you are harnessing the power of the web and your power to choose which information you consume and when.

It’s no secret that this power has shaken things up in the advertising and marketing industry and has paved new paths for how we communicate and obtain information. It’s because of this change in climate that Street Attack exists, and it’s the intention of our blog to share with you our credo and to feature voices and opinions of those within our network.

Street Attack exists as a channel to unite cultures, to combine parties, to connect brands with a relevant audience. We’re switchboard operators - we tie strings, form bonds, compound interests, we act as marketing architects.

We believe in discovery vs. intrusion, authenticity and validity. This blog is to alert, report, inform and inspire all who read it. We hope you enjoy it and encourage your contribution.

There are many exciting things on the horizon.  We're truly at a turning point in marketing history and we invite you to join us.  So, sign up and stay updated as we spread information from our network to yours.

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