Friday, June 29, 2007

Arts-Music-Culture: T-shirt Lovers Rejoice

In the 90s, it was Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Chanel.  Now... well it's Harry, Nick and Greg. Their clothing line, Peg Leg, has exploded onto the fashion scene. The company is completely run by these three boys who simply “love t-shirts.” These guys aren’t pretentious designers and they don't even think their stuff is cooler than yours - but trust me, it is. And, when they aren’t designing shirts or doing homework, they are interviewing random people in the city and creating content for their website (pegleg nyc).

Oh, and about that website of theirs… it’s not for those with a weak stomach. What pissing on pizzas or sunburned asses have to do with selling t-shirts is beyond me. Johnny Knoxville beware - these kids are crazy and talented.

And if that's not enough, they do advertising too. The trio was recently asked to produce a video representing Canal Street. The video was showcased at Barney’s, collaborating with the release of Jack Spade X New Era collaboration.

Other cool NYC fashion:

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