Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Kid Suites with Uncle Bad Touch

I came upon this ad on a trash can outside of a Holiday Inn. Before I realized that it was for specialized rooms that cater to children’s needs, a number of amazing yet horrifying thoughts went through my head. Look at this thing:
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Now, think about the message they are trying to get across with this: we have made efforts to accommodate our customers traveling with kids. But their way to advertise this is to…ummm, use ‘uncle bad touch’ as the mascot? I mean, seriously… look at this guy. Long hair, goatee, handle bar mustache, mouth hanging open with his tongue pressed up to the edge of his mouth...not to mention that uniform. He looks like some sort of Civil War general. And did you notice the one big hand, one little hand thing he’s got going on? I believe that’s some sort of Michael Jackson syndrome.

Anyway, yes folks…the Holiday Inn would like to invite your children to enjoy their newly fashioned kid suites. For your sake, I sincerely hope this guy will not be there.

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