Thursday, March 6, 2008

Quality and the Order of Things

I was in Madrid a few weeks back and stumbled upon a really cool shopping area. As I was walking around, I saw a space with a bunch of fliers, stickers and such, so I took a closer look. In this spread of typical promotional materials was a stand-out piece from Don't Panic.

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Inside the package were a number of cool items including an awesome poster by Chris Gray, a designer out of the UK. I did a little digging and got in touch with Chris, who turned me onto his blogs: We Shall See and .The Amazing Shape The poster is now hanging on my office wall.

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Couple points:
(1) Quality, uniqueness and added value for your audience go a long way. Why spend money on a bland promotional piece when you can create something that will stand out and give people a reason to spread the buzz.

(2) Discovery spurs buzz. Let your audience find your message in their own environment on their own terms. Surprise them with something unexpected.

(3) Connect the dots. Living in a flat world, a door in Madrid may lead to a connection in London which may lead to a new Word-of-Mouth circle in New York. Dig deep. Good things will come.

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